Nice to meet you! My name is Brittany, but I go under my artist name "Mailiflower" for the most part. I am an artist/ illustrator/ and Game Designer based on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii. I started selling my art at conventions in 2017 and have enjoyed creating fanart and original designs ever since.

Mahalo for supporting me and allowing me to continue pursuing my art career. Every successful con and every order I use to invest back into my growing business.

Shop Mascot

Meet Forte! This bubblegum colored ghost has been the mascot of my brand for a few years now. She is a mailman ghost and is seen around the shops branding on business cards and announcement pages. She is also featured on multiple freebie pins and stickers given out at conventions and on shop orders. She will have a webcomic of her own soon, so stay turned for: Dungeons and Parcels.

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Shop Pet

This is Leia. She does not design, she does not pack orders, and she does not man the booth at cons. She does however provide emotional destressing and emotional support. Not to worry, none of her dog hair will touch any of your orders. She is my companion for when I design and work. Very soft to pet, very loud, a certified good frenchie.

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